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We, in Herbicure Healthcare Bio-Herbal Research Foundation, laid a mission statement to initiate the pressing needs to integrate science and society on some high priority issues like the evolution of virulence in pathogens endangering treatment against extremely sensitive drug resistance in healthcare sector, creating enabling environment on medical and industrial research to encourage innovations and technological interventions and to provide proper training among the future generation to remain competitive in the world market.

And thus, we had initiated inter-disciplinary research net work among various institutes so as to integrate information, data, techniques, tools, perspectives, concepts, and/or theories from them having specialized knowledge to advance fundamental understanding or to solve problems whose solutions are beyond the scope of a single discipline or field of research practice followed by many so far. And therefore, we have also initiated to render Research Analytical Services to institutes, organizations, research scholars and others for providing the analytical data required by them for value addition to their research product lines.

Research objectives are set for the definite purpose which leads to our research design and implementation. We include individual, tangible steps that are taken in our research. Our individual steps revolve around a wider question or problem that we have defined. Often, objectives are based on the findings of other research - taking something someone else has investigated or theorized and focusing on a specific aspect of their findings to either strengthen or challenge them.

“We believe that ‘Good Earth is the one that provides Good Life to live in’ and that’s where our spirit of research and development lies in. Our research and its ancillary functions are directed to a state of mind where Science and Philosophy are intertwined to channelize scientific research for essential elements of human advancement. We do not suffer from complacence as we define ‘Research’ as ‘Repeated Search for Excellence’.

Message from S.R.Dasgupta, Chief Functionary & Founder Director

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