Music Therapy – Research on Mode of Action

Music therapy has a long history dating back to ancient Orphic school in Greece. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, used music to cure human diseases.In 1729 Richard Browne, a physician wrote the famous text MedicinaMusica which describes the use of music as medicine. Dr Burnell has mentioned a manuscript named Raga Chikistsa in the collections of SaraswatiMahal Library in Tanjore which deals with the various ragas that can be used for curing various ailments.
Relationship between heart ‘beat’ and musical ‘beat’
Disclaimer:This video transmitted with it is intended solely for the purpose of understanding the relationship between heart ‘beat’ and musical ‘beat’ and for use of the individual or entity concerned with Science of Music-Music Therapy. Any views or opinions presented in this video are only of illustrative in nature".
Music beats have a very close relationship with heart beats. ‘Beat’ conception came from our heart and pulse beat.Music having 70-75 beats per minute equivalent to the normal heart beat of 72 has a very soothing effect. Likewise rhythms which are slower than 72 beats per minute create a positive response on the mind and body. Rhythms which are faster than the heart rate excite and rejuvenate the body .
Partnering with luminaries in art of music, we are set to discover the Mode of Action (MoA) scientifically and confirm in human subjects the benefit of music therapy. We are embarked to set positive direction towards noble treatment benefits of Indian Classical Music on some specific disease elements, we are also set to discover the science behind the benefits of Music Therapy as aprophylactic tool in alleviating stress. We call it Musicotomy
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